Hot spring and sauna

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Retro atmosphere full, Japan's largest pure wooden bathroom

The architecture of the hot-spring ward is characterized by a beam construction that does not use nails that make full use of the traditional method, reproducing [Machiya-shi] with the motif of the important cultural property building “Kishita House” of Hida Takayama. The investigation of the sum of trees interwoven is a retro atmosphere as if it were a time slip.
There are a total area of about 1,000 square meters, with a ceiling height of 12 meters and over 100 tsubos. [Pure wooden bathroom] boasts the largest size in Japan. The wood used is zelkova, cypress and pine, and the main pillar is a 60cm diameter zelkova which is said to be more than 200 years old.

Extremely unusual spring quality

The source is ...

It is a high-quality natural hot spring that is blended with all the spring quality hot springs such as "magnesium, calcium, sodium-bicarbonate, sulfate, chloride spring" which is extremely rare nationwide.

"Beautiful skin water" rich in metasilicic acid

なぜふじやま温泉に入るとツルツルのお肌になるのか? ふじやま温泉には、美肌作りにピッタリなメタケイ酸が、81.2mg/kg含まれています。(当社調べ)天然の保湿成分だといわれるメタケイ酸は、肌の新陳代謝を促進して、しっとりとキメ細かい肌をつくってくれます。

Vanadium water

Natural water "Vanadium water" unique to Mt. Fuji. The vanadium content of the hotel is about twice that of commercially available mineral water! (Investigation by the Company) We use the topic natural water that is said to improve metabolism and lower blood sugar levels as drinking water in the entire building, and we have established a vanadium bath in the large public bath.

Inner bath


Granite large public bath

Magnesium, calcium, sodium-bicarbonate, sulfate, and chloride springs are rich in calcium carbonate, and after bathing, the skin feels smooth and warm. 【Temperature】 42 ° C


High concentration carbonic spring

At Fujiyama Hot Spring, an artificial carbon dioxide gas generator has been introduced to reproduce a high concentration carbon dioxide spring of 1000 ppm. By entering daily, it promotes blood circulation and is effective in enhancing natural healing power and immunity.

Daily vanadium bath

We raise natural water "vanadium water" peculiar to Mt. Fuji which attracts attention as water of "we improve metabolism" "drop blood sugar level" miracle from 150m underground and use for luxury. Vanadium water is commercially available for beverages, but the vanadium water in the hotel contains approximately twice as much as commercially available. 【Temperature】 40 ° C

Jet bath & sleeping water

There is a massage effect and a relaxing effect by bathing being wrapped in bubbles that are jetted. [Temperature] 41 ° C

Water bath

The water bath tightens the blazing skin after the sauna, moisturizes the skin and improves skin metabolism. When you enter before the bath, it shrinks the pores and prevents heat radiation, and it has the effect of warmth and warmth forever. 【Temperature】 16 ° C

Outdoor bath

It is an open-air bath where you can feel the taste of Japanese with plenty of green "Hayakawaishi" which can be taken in the tributaries of Fujikawa. In addition, there is a toya where you can feel the obsession of Hida Takayama, and you can soak in the hot spring while feeling the taste of Japanese. 【Temperature】 Male 42 ° C / Female 41 ° C

リニューアルオープン FUJIYAMA SAUNA(サウナ)


Hot spring ingredients, precautions for use

Fountain quality

Magnesium, calcium, sodium-bicarbonate, sulfate, chloride spring

Generally referred to as bicarbonate spring.

It is also rich in calcium carbonate and meta-silicic acid, and after bathing, the skin feels smooth and warm.


Neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia, 50 shoulders, motor paralysis, stiffness of joints, bruises, jerks, chronic digestive system, hemorrhoids, cold, post-disease recovery period, fatigue recovery, health improvement, stasis, burns, chronic gynecology etc.

pH value


Amount of cocoon

193.1 liters per minute (at the source)



The source is exposed within the area.

"Fujiyama Onsen" uses a heating circulation system (without water addition).

"Fujiyama Onsen" has a germicidal and deodorizing action effective against bacteria and viruses, and has introduced the latest sterilizing system with excellent safety to ensure that the bath is always in a hygienic and safe state. .

Notes on use

About the use of this building, the use of one corresponding to the next matter is strictly prohibited.

  • Gangster related people under the guidance of the police
  • For tattoos, tattoos (including fashion and one point), tattoos
  • If you are drunk
  • For skin diseases
Attention of bathing
  • Children who do not have diapers will use the vanadium bath only.
  • Please do not put towels in the bathtub.
  • Please do not drink water in the bathtub.
  • Please refrain from bathing for those who are intoxicated or impaired in cardiovascular function.
  • We will strictly refuse any act that would bother other customers.
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