Access by car

  • Kawaguchiko IC
  • 1 minute (general road)
  • Fujiyama Onsen
  • Gotenba IC
  • 30 minutes (general road)
  • Higashi-Fuji Five Lakes Road (Susu IC)
  • 16 minutes
  • Fujiyoshida IC
  • 3 minutes (general road)
  • Fujiyama Onsen

Public transportation access

Access by high-speed bus

  • Busta Shinjuku
  • 100 minutes on board
  • Fujiyama Onsen
    (Fujikyu Highland bus stop is right away)

A set with high-speed bus round-trip ticket + bathing fee

Fujiyama hot spring packTo HP of highway bus dot com

・ High-speed bus round-trip ticket (between Shinjuku and Fujikyu Highland)
※ There is also a set from Chuo-do Hino and Chuo-do Hachioji.
      京王高速バス予約センター 03-5376-2222 [受付9時~20時]
[Release place] Busta Shinjuku (South Exit)

Access from train (station)

  • Fuji Express Line
    Fujisan Station
  • 無料シャトルバス30分
  • Fujiyama Onsen
  • Fuji Express Line
    Kawaguchiko Station
  • 無料シャトルバス20分
  • Fujiyama Onsen


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Sightseeing around

Fujikyu Highland

Adjacent to Fujiyama Onsen. Amusement parks are equipped with many of the "World's Best" attractions, and theme parks "Thomas Land" and "Lisa and Gaspard Town" are also added to the park, and an amusement park where both young and old can enjoy.

Official site

Oshino Shinobi no Sato

Ninja theme village to learn and enjoy. A full-fledged ninja show is held every day! 13 minutes by car from Fujiyama Onsen.

Official site

Mount Fuji Panorama Ropeway

A ropeway with a superb view of Mount Fuji and a view of Lake Kawaguchi. You can enjoy panoramic views from the foot of Mt. Fuji from the summit, which was the stage of the story of Mt. Kachi Kachi.

Official site

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